J Music: Mikky Ekko Performs Intimate Set, Readies Debut Album ‘Time’


Last Thursday, Hilton Hotels hosted an intimate, acoustic performance by Mikky Ekko in Times Square curated and produced by Spin Media. Unfortunately I missed the live stream, but thanks to YouTube ads (for once) I was able to relive the 30-min, six-song set by the “Stay” singer and song-writer. I didn’t fall in love with any of the songs performed, but I still plan to give his debut album Time a listen, which he shared with the audience has just wrapped.  The tracks I gravitated to most–one at the 4:47 mark, the other at 13:55 (“Stay” is at 18:25). Interested to hear others thoughts, what do you think?

His performance comes three months after Bridget Kelly‘s intimate set hosted by Hilton Hotels in L.A.

Keep your eyes peeled for these #HiltonMusic concerts, I know I will.

I am always intrigued by unknown artists who (seemingly) pop out of nowhere and skyrocket to the top of the charts, so I was always wondered how he finagled a feature on Rihanna’s album, with a feature credit, and then, more importantly, why she often went on to perform the song without him after its debut. My questions where answered in an interview he did with Billboard:

“After [‘Stay’] came out, there was a lot of pressure to capitalize on that momentum… From the label, people on Rihanna’s side. I think we speculated a little bit about going out on the tour with Rih, and I ultimately felt like the songs weren’t there. And I said I’m not gonna go out to promote an album that could be better. And I know the sort of the endless tweaking that can happen, but I feel like we took the time to put together a really, really strong album full of songs that at least for me represents exactly where I am.” – Mikky Ekko (billboard.com)

J Music: Thoughts While I’ve Been Away…


I want to love Sevyn. Talented writer. Singer and dancer. Signed to CBE.

Love: Her new single “It Won’t Stop.” Great follow-up to “I Like It,” and confirmed my interest in her album.

Hate Strongly Dislike: Last month I searched for far too long to find a live performance I thought was good enough to post on my site (I didn’t find one). Having seen her as a member of RichGirl, I expected her live performance to be much tighter, vocally, than what I found.


One item off my summer bucket list: Diamonds World Tour at the Barclays Center

Love: We can all agree the vocals from the 777 direct feed were a bit crazy, nonetheless Rih sounded good and performed a great set including almost all her tracks from Unapologetic. Though she stuck mostly to gyrating, I appreciated her attempts at dancing.


Hate Strongly Dislike: I was really unimpressed by the set design and most of the outfits for Rihanna and her dancers.  You could definitely tell they made serious budget cuts after she lost money on the Last Girl on Earth tour (definitely better overall production). Womp.


Not that I feed into the whole Illuminati thing, but why is Givenchy so popular? Most of the stuff I see looks like fashion folks would wear in hell. Just sayin’….