A Year Defined: Au revoir, 2016!


/twenty sixteen/

  1. a period of 366 days in which I struggled, cried (a lot), lost hope, found some, opened my heart, experienced new cities, made many new friends and collaborators, challenged myself through creative projects and uncomfortable circumstances, and took some exciting steps toward my lofty goals

/twenty seventeen/

  1. a period of 365 days that has me shook. that I don’t feel ready for. that will challenge me in new ways, some of which will be undesired. yet a period in which I will prevail over the hurdles that have plagued me for nearly two years. a period in which I will rediscover purpose in my work. in which I will build on the relationships I forged in 2016. in which I will travel more domestically and internationally. in which I will put my mental, physical, and emotional health first.

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and readers who continue to support ayminor.com, may you all have a blessed 2017! 

J Events: Andra Day Meet and Greet Hosted by Embassy Suites in Washington D.C.

Embassy Suites-Andra Day-Rise Up Ritual-Twitter Contest4

You know the saying, “When it rains it pours?” Well sometimes, a stranger is nice enough to open an umbrella — the gesture alone can get you through the storm.

A few weeks ago, I received a tweet from Homewood Suites. Because of my social media activity and blog coverage of Andra Day, I was chosen as a “surprise” social media winner of the #RiseUpRitual contest! As a winner, I was able to attend Andra’s concert at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, followed by an intimate meet and greet breakfast the next morning.

Embassy Suites staff, a few reporters, and, members of Andra’s team stood on the edges of the room as my fellow winners and I huddled at a table — all eyes on Andra. For almost an hour, she sat with us for an open, candid conversation about life, family and music.

I can’t fully articulate what an exciting and exhilarating experience it was — thank you again Embassy Suites for the opportunity!


Examiner | Andra Day tells her life story through music
Article includes photos from the event.

J Events: Andra Day at U Street Music Hall [VIDEO]

Andra Day performed at U Street Music Hall on October 18, to promote her debut album Cheers to the Fall. Watch snippets from her phenomenal set including “Gold,” “Forever Mine,” “Rise Up,” “Mistakes,” and her encore cover of “Big Poppa.”

||| Andra Day at U Street Music Hall

Andra Day

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t particularly like this venue. It’s a one-level, rectangular basement with a very small stage. If you aren’t within the first few “rows,” it’s nearly impossible to see anything.

HOWEVER, the U Street Music Hall is the venue of choice for most of the new/up & coming artist that come to D.C., so it is an evil that must be dealt with. I just advise getting there early!